Carlos Johnson :: Don't Ever Leave Me


Sat, May 25, 2024

Carlos Johnson :: Don't Ever Leave Me

Carlos Johnson, a legendary Chicago blues musician born in 1953, discovered his musical calling at a young age. Surprising his parents by making music on a toy guitar, he soon graduated to a real six-string. Throughout high school, he honed his skills, performing in the Glee Club and sharing the stage with Sheila Hutchinson. Leaving school to pursue music, he later enlisted in the military before embarking on his illustrious blues career.

In the late '70s, Carlos joined forces with iconic blues queen Koko Taylor, marking the beginning of his Chicago blues journey. Over the years, he played with legends like Little Johnny Christian, Vance Kelly, and Son Seals, touring extensively and recording acclaimed albums. Carlos became a sought-after sideman, collaborating with various blues artists.

In 1989, he formed the Serious Blues Band and developed a devoted fan base in Poland. Carlos, a left-handed guitarist playing a right-handed instrument upside-down, influenced generations of players. His powerful vocals and aggressive playing style established him as one of the world's greatest contemporary blues guitarists. Inducted into the Chicago Blues Hall of Fame as a Master Blues Artist, Carlos Johnson's impact on the blues scene is enduring and influential.